People who have helped us along the way.

Steve Serio

Team USA Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medalist from Long Island, NY. Passionate about the Paralympic movement and the impact sport can have on people with all abilities. Will forever be looking for the best restaurant in NYC.

Bri Scalesse

An essay writer and model with a penchant for dance. Obsessed with thrifting. Forever swooning over the moon and pho.

Jerron Herman

An interdisciplinary disabled artist devoted to telling stories with his whole body. Passionate about laughing heartily and often.

Jourdie Godley

A US based Australian fashion consultant and content creator that grew up in Asia. Passionate about bridging the East and the West through fashion and using his platform to break the negative perceptions society places on individuals who have disabilities. Fluent speaker of Korean and Chinese.

Helen Fincham

Welsh born, UK based twenty-four year old. Since becoming paralysed at twenty-one has not stopped living her best life- loving and laughing endlessly, while making new memories. Motivated and passionate about social media and discovering other chair users living their fulfilling lives as well as discovering new creative designs that make life easier.

Nathan Stephens

Welsh born 3 Time Paralympian and Commonwealth Games Athlete. Previous Javelin World Champion and World Record Holder, Sport and Fitness Enthusiast, loves all things nature and Wildlife.

Blake Perkins

A Kentucky-born husband, physical therapist, assistive technology professional, musician, and wheelchair-user. Since his injury in 2011, has cultivated a perspective and career, offering his talents and unique skill set to the world through the lens of a wheelchair-user's vulnerabilities. Fan of fried chicken and football.

Our mission statement is simple, the world made accessible to all.

It's a big goal but it has to start somewhere. We're starting with what we know we can do, create beautiful, functional accessories that brings disability to the forefront of design.

Forward by design

At FFORA, we believe in designing a world thatโ€™s made for everyone. To us, that means everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in the products that they use every day. We utilize the power of functional design and real-life experiences to create beautiful products that just work.

Cut curbs, not corners.

Design bias is real and itโ€™s driven by social bias. Through our products we aim to spark a conversation to inspire a radical shift in perspective that removes unnecessary barriers for disabled individuals.

Recognizing creativity

We recognize creativity and will make robust efforts to create leadership roles for people with disabilities, we urge other companies to do the same. This is just the starting point for us, we know we have a long way to go with many more ideas and collaborations to invent.

The best ideas are simple ones.

FFORA makes elevated personal accessories that are designed for disability first.

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